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We came across Michael through a mutual friend by chance. We were in the process of looking for a new tennis coach for our son. After years of coaching elsewhere our son started to lose interest in tennis as a result his results started to suffer and it (tennis) started to become a chore. Michael quickly recognised this and apart from working with our son he started to work with us also.

From April 2007 to January 2009, Michael served as the Head Coach of my Academy, CLTA.
My program focuses on serious tournament training and preparing players with a world-class foundation for future top collegeand professional play. As my Head Coach, Michael ran our Summer and Winter academy, worked with our players in fitness and conditioning, provided players/families with assessments and reports, and travelled to tournaments. Michael did a great job and has an open invite to come back and work for us again in the future.

Michael is someone I have known for several years both as a player and coach. WHilst being an exceptional player, as a coach, Michael has shown himself to be enthusiastic, intelligent, and very intuitive in understanding his players and educating them to strive to achieve their goals.

Michael is an exceptionally skilled professional with highly developed leadership and people skills.

His passion & enthusiasm towards his teaching is impeccable. Talia and Jeyda have trained with Michael for 3 years. During this time, we have seen a gentle but effective accountability mechanism which has built confidence in our children and in their game.

My oldest daughter, Sasha started Teddy Tennis lessons at 3 years of age (in 2012) at the Martin Street squash courts with Michael. She participated in a group lesson with 3 other children of a similar age. Being so young and tennis being the first sport she had played, Sasha took some time to learn how to co-ordinate her shots. This was no problem for Michael, who was very patient, gentle and encouraging during every lesson.

My twins have been coached by Michael for approximately 12 months. Michael has improved their tennis ability and enjoyment of the game immeasurably.  Having played tennis at the elite level, Michael has a great technical knowledge about all aspects of the game.

About Michael Logarzo

Michael is one of Australia’s leading development coaches, with almost 20 years experience working with juniors and tour professionals. With an insatiable passion and thirst for knowledge, Michael's experience has enabled him to gain a comprehensive understanding of tennis at levels and the manner in which to guide those players to achieve their goals. Being exposed to many different training systems worldwide and world class mentors, he has developed a philosophy and methodology for players to grow both as athletes and individuals.

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