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Fitness, strength and conditioning is a crucial component in allowing players to successfully reach their potential and achieve their goals. In the ever increasing physical nature of tennis, players who are at their peak physically are able to fully execute their talents to the best of their ability. Our fitness, strength and conditioning goals are to create elite tennis athletes and mental toughness.


Tennis Specific Training

All our fitness and conditioning is totally tennis specific. The needs and physical requirements form the basis of our training, whilst also taking into account the requirements of the individual. Testing is done to identify a player’s strengths and weaknesses as well as monitoring the movement patterns of the player on court. The players goals, game style and personal and physical characteristics are also taken into account when formulating a program. Head Coach Michael is a Tennis Performance Specialist with the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA), the worldwide leaders in tennis conditioning.



Players are taught to move efficiently around the court utilising the correct movement techniques. Video analysis is used and players are presented with an in depth and detailed program to be elite movers.



  • Smooth and efficient court movement
  • Explosive
  • Cover the court faster
  • Balance, stability and co ordination


Pilates & Yoga

The physical demands of tennis are such that the physical stress involved can lead to muscular imbalances, with a strong requirement of core strength, flexibility and power. Pilates is an essential part of our conditioning program and will:

  • Improve core strength
  • Improve balance and control for quick reaction and directional change
  • Increases racquet head speed
  • Increase flexibility to reduce back injuries
  • Increase body strength and endurance
  • Provide higher levels of concentration


About Michael Logarzo

Michael is one of Australia’s leading development coaches, with almost 20 years experience working with juniors and tour professionals. With an insatiable passion and thirst for knowledge, Michael's experience has enabled him to gain a comprehensive understanding of tennis at levels and the manner in which to guide those players to achieve their goals. Being exposed to many different training systems worldwide and world class mentors, he has developed a philosophy and methodology for players to grow both as athletes and individuals.

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