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Designed to improve your technique, footwork and tactical awareness using modern techniques and methodologies. Conducted in a fun, energetic and social environment , the aim is to elevate your game to the next level and get fit. All Adult groups have a maximum of 4 players.



Cardio Tennis is a fun, social, group tennis-fitness program for people of all ages and abilities. It's more about getting a great, high energy workout than pure tennis technique. Constant movement is the focus as you are guided through a series of fun and heart pumping drills that cater fo all abilities and fitness levels. A Cardio Tennis class runs for 45 or 60 minutes and is comprised of:

  • 5-10 minute warm up
  • 30-50 cardio segment with drill based and play based activities
  • 5-10 minute cool down

Participants wear heart rate monitors/pedometers, exercise to music, use low compression balls (if required), and a variety of equipment including agility ladders.

About Michael Logarzo

Michael is one of Australia’s leading development coaches, with almost 20 years experience working with juniors and tour professionals. With an insatiable passion and thirst for knowledge, Michael's experience has enabled him to gain a comprehensive understanding of tennis at levels and the manner in which to guide those players to achieve their goals. Being exposed to many different training systems worldwide and world class mentors, he has developed a philosophy and methodology for players to grow both as athletes and individuals.

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