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My oldest daughter, Sasha started Teddy Tennis lessons at 3 years of age (in 2012) at the Martin Street squash courts with Michael. She participated in a group lesson with 3 other children of a similar age. Being so young and tennis being the first sport she had played, Sasha took some time to learn how to co-ordinate her shots. This was no problem for Michael, who was very patient, gentle and encouraging during every lesson.

When the squash centre closed due to re-development in 2014, we continued Sasha’s lessons at MCC Tennis Club, where she progressed to the Hot Shots Program. After some time, Sasha moved onto private lessons with Michael to further develop her skills.

My youngest daughter, Ava, had ben coming along to watch her older sister’s lessons from about the age of 2. By 3 years of age, Ava wanted to play tennis too. Ava started Teddy Tennis lessons at 3 years of age in 2016 at Hawksburn TC where Michael had moved to. Ava has progressed quickly in her skills development & enjoys her weekly tennis lesson.

As a parent with a keen interest in tennis (I play 3-4 times a week & compete in VTA Pennant), I have been extremely impressed with Michael’s coaching ability & caring nature. I was so impressed with Michael, that I booked a few private lessons for myself in 2014 to work on specific aspects of my game, and I have continued with a weekly private lesson ever since! Michael has been able to help improve all parts of my game, adding power to my ground strokes, serve & volleys. This has enabled me to move up a pennant grade (to Gr 4) and achieve a positive record over a number of seasons.

I have no hesitation in recommending Michael to others seeking quality tennis coaching for their children or for themselves. I approached Michael Logarzo because I wanted to improve my tennis game and move to the next level of pennant competition.  Michael helped me by working on my technique, movement & mindset.  The result was that  I added power to my serve & forehand, consistency to my topspin backhand, and penetration to my volleys & smash.  In addition, I have moved up a pennant grade and achieved a positive record in the higher grade.  One thing I liked about Michael's coaching was his amazing technical knowledge and his ability to communicate that in an understandable way, so I could implement his teaching.  I found the experience to be enjoyable and highly satisfying.  I would recommend Michael to tennis players who are serious about wanting to improve their game.

Alex Molnar

About Michael Logarzo

Michael is one of Australia’s leading development coaches, with almost 20 years experience working with juniors and tour professionals. With an insatiable passion and thirst for knowledge, Michael's experience has enabled him to gain a comprehensive understanding of tennis at levels and the manner in which to guide those players to achieve their goals. Being exposed to many different training systems worldwide and world class mentors, he has developed a philosophy and methodology for players to grow both as athletes and individuals.

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