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Michael is an exceptionally skilled professional with highly developed leadership and people skills.

His passion & enthusiasm towards his teaching is impeccable. Talia and Jeyda have trained with Michael for 3 years. During this time, we have seen a gentle but effective accountability mechanism which has built confidence in our children and in their game.

With Michaels guidance, support and honest feedback the children have embraced his unique style of teaching and have learnt how to see solutions and ways of doing things that have inspired and motivated them to get over the “hump”.

He has given them the skill set to prioritize and accomplish tasks, as well as set reasonable goals. It’s a series of small achievable steps but when you look back, the children have come a long way.Michael is a joy to work with. His positive approach to learning and ideas is infectious. We can say, that his combination of everlasting patience and passionate approach and commitment yet skillfull, has been the key to our trust in him.

From the Pati Family we would like to say a heartfelt thank you.

Joe and Gulshen

About Michael Logarzo

Michael is one of Australia’s leading development coaches, with almost 20 years experience working with juniors and tour professionals. With an insatiable passion and thirst for knowledge, Michael's experience has enabled him to gain a comprehensive understanding of tennis at levels and the manner in which to guide those players to achieve their goals. Being exposed to many different training systems worldwide and world class mentors, he has developed a philosophy and methodology for players to grow both as athletes and individuals.

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Email: info@mltennis.com.au
Mobile: 0431 407 294